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Executive Alignment & Facilitation

"The project was a very traumatic experience for the team and Deon’s kind and light-hearted attitude played a central role in assisting the team through this difficult period. Seldom does one meet an individual with such patience, compassion and utmost professional qualities."

Executive Alignment & Facilitation

Both Caroline and Deon is highly experienced Change Facilitators with years of experience in both small and large projects.

Utilizing models such as ADKAR and KOTTER they will be able to design the correct change initiative for your specific industry or organisation.

Executive alignment is crucial to any organisation when change in any form is introduced. Executives who needs to model this change needs to be aligned to the vision, purpose and goals of the proposed change.

Change initiatives can fail for many reasons, but one of the major causes is the lack of Executive Alignment.

Experienced Change Facilitators will facilitate the understanding and appreciation of team member's roles and responsibilities and how these fit into the overall functioning of the organization.

When individuals are strategically aligned, their skills and expertise are fully utilized for sustainable results.

Potential helps clients create alignment across functions, teams, and/or individuals to maximize performance, using a unique neuroscience approach.