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Brain Profiling For Kids

Potential utilizes the LRP™ for children and students aged 10 and older. Neuro-Link compiles Learning Receptiveness Profiles of students age 10 and up to determine their learning receptivity. The LRP™ Toolbox is a brain-based assessment tool to discover how uniquely learners process information, how skilled they are at learning, in which mode they prefer to learn and think, which strengths they have in the learning situation, what their intelligence preferences are and it also indicates areas for further development. It is a powerful tool to develop and polish their unique talents and potential and prepare them for a purposeful future.

The LRP™ Toolbox measures the following aspects of learning receptiveness:

  • Brain fitness
  • Left-right brain hemisphere dominance
  • Expressive receptive preference
  • Four quadrants
  • Rational/emotional preference
  • Information processing style
  • Sensory preferences
  • Ten intelligence preferences
  • Mental approach to learning
  • Learning skills
  • Impact of the environment on learning
  • Brain food

  • Can I improve my teenager's learning abilities through Neuroscience?

    Yes you can!

    Seasoned facilitators will assist any student in understanding his / her unique learning style. Click on the Neuroscience Learning Method button, to learn more.