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Brain Profiling For Kids

Potential utilizes the LRP™ Toolkid to compile a Learning Readiness Profile for children ages 6-9 to determine how ready they are for formal learning. It is a brain-based assessment tool to determine the neurological wiring of a child, discovering how uniquely they process information, in which mode they prefer to learn, their emotional readiness for learning and it also indicates areas for further development.

The LRP™ Toolkid measures the following aspects of learning readiness:

  • Brain fitness
  • Left-right brain hemisphere dominance
  • Expressive receptive preference
  • Four quadrants
  • Information processing style
  • Sensory preference
  • Emotional readiness (School Readiness)

  • Can I improve my child's learning abilities through Neuroscience?

    Yes you can!

    Seasoned facilitators will assist any student in understanding his / her unique learning style.

    Click on the Neuroscience Learning Method button, to learn more.